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For many years I have been visiting Egypt and over the years I collected a lot of photos of the archaeological sites and our main objective is to share the pictures and experiences with others having the same interest and passion.Since June 2003 the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt has changed its policy which means that it is no longer allowed to take any picture inside the tombs. We also try to give you an update on the actual status of the tombs and pyramids whether they are open or closed . After being offline for almost 1 year we are back! At the moment we are very busy to do a complete revision of this site, to make it better and more accessible. Since our latest trips of October 2017 and we  have to sort out about some 9000 new photos which will be coming in due time so we apologize and hope you will have some patience . We promise you that will be worthwhile.
We have over 2000 photos online and we must inform you that they ALL are protected by copyright. So it is prohibited to use them without our permission.

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