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Rock tombs at Qubbet el-Hawa

The rock tombs at Qubbet el-Hawa are a couple of tombs dating back to the Middle Kingdom, the 12th dynasty , the reign of Senusret II and III.
Sarenput II was governor of Elephantine under the reign of Amenemhet II. He was the son of Khema, also governor and Satethetep.
Sarenput I was appointed governor by farao Senusret I, he held the titles “Mayor of Elephantine”, “Overseer of the priests of Satet” and “Overseer of the foreign lands”
Herkhuf was a monarch in the 6th dynasty, serving under farao Merenre and Pepy II.
Mekhu and Sabni, father and son, serving under Pepy II in the 6th dynasty.

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