Here you’ll find all the monuments in the Cairo-region

Abusir - Abusir is the cemetery between Gisa and Sakkara, where we find the royal tombs of the 5th dynasty. Problem is that the pyramids here lack the quality of those of the 4th dynasty in Gisa, and they are in worse
Cairo museum - The largest Egyptian collection, including the complete treasure of Tut-Ankh-Amen. At the moment there are two mummy rooms , with climate control, for the royal mummies.
Dashur - The Dashur cemetery has two pyramids, both belonging to the same farao, namely Snefru, father of Khufu and he was the first farao of the 4th dynasty. The importance of the pyramids here in Dashur is the fact that we
Gisa - Here you'll find the monuments of Giza:
Memphis - Memphis or in hieroglyphic "Men-nefer" was already an important place right from the beginning in the Old Kingdom. It was already mentioned in the reign of King Menes, the 1st farao of the 1st dynasty. And right from the beginning
Meresankh III - At Gisa just next to the subsidiary pyramids (Queens) there is one of the major mastabas, which is open to the public. You just need to buy a special ticket at the office. Meresankh III was a daughter of Hetepheres
Meydum - At the cemetery of Meydum we find the first attempt of farao Snefru, 1st farao of the 4th dynasty, and which attempt failed. The core is still standing solid, but the outer part not and collapsed at all four sides.
Sakkara - Here you'll find all the monuments in the Sakkara region:
Serapeum - One of the most intriguing buildings is the serapeum, discovered by Maspero. A collective grave for the sacred Apis bulls, which were buried here for centuries. One sarcophagus weighs over 60 tons.
Tanis - Aprox 40 miles north of Cairo you can find the old city of Tanis, or Pi-Ramesse the northern city of the empire of Ramses II. Discovered in the sixties by Pierre Montet who found the undisturbed tombs of faraos of