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Idu G7102 and Qar G7101

Idu was probably the son of Qar, owner of the neighboring tomb G7101. They both built there tombs on the Gisa Eastern cemetery, along the old passage way towards the piramid of Khufu, and date back to the 6th dynasty, probably the reign of Pepy I. One would expect they would choose the Sakkara cemetery, but they chose Gisa and the Eastern field, which mainly holds the royal family and double mastabas of the 4th dynasty and of Khufu.
So his parents were Qar and his wife Gefi. This is based upon the representation of a son in the tomb of Qar, with the name Idu. But in the chapel of Qar, the latter is represented with his sister Benjet. There is a Benjet in the chapel of Idu, where she is presented as his daughter. Another sister is called Tjetuet. So it well could be that Idu is the father of Qar.
he was the “Scribe of the Royal Documents in the presence of the king”. He also held the title, “Tenant of the Pyramid of Pepy I” as well as “Inspector of the wab-priests of the Pyramids of Khufu and Khafra (Pyramid), during the reign of Pepy I.
Qar held various titles: ” Director of the Pyramid Town Akhet-Khufu”, “Chief of the Scribes”, “Priest of Maat”, “Scribe of the royal documents”, “Overseer of all works”.

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