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Ramses I KV16

Ramses I is considered to be the founder of the 19th dynasty. He was a commander in the army under Horemheb and because the last of the faraos of the 18th dynasty had no heir to the thrown, it was this Pa-Ra-mes-su, who ascended on the thrown. He was already in his fifties and his short reign lasted no longer then 16 months. He was married to Sit-Ra, which tomb is at Queens valley QV32, and she was the mother of Seti I.
His son Seti I built a small chapel at Abydos in memory of his deceased father. Although small the tomb was unfinished, when the king died, and was finished in hast to bury the dead king.
Then the tomb remained sealed until the XXI dynasty , when it was opened by the Amen priests to secure the body.
His tomb KV16 was robbed in the XXI dynasty after it was resealed.
The mummy was not among those found in DB320 and KV35, and it was lost, until a mummy was discovered in Canada, which was identified by Hawass as that of Ramses 1st. Now it is resting in the Luxor Museum.


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