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Thutmose IV KV43

Son of Amenhotep 2 and second wife Tia a. The tomb is one of the elder tombs in the valley, discovered by Howard Carter. It has the typical 18th dynasty form, entrance following a dirtpitt and a 90 degree angle, forecourt and burial chamber. His mummy was found in the KV35 cache of his father Amenhotep 2. A hierarchic text in the antechamber Maya put an inscription that in the year 8 3rd month of the akhet season of the reign of King Djeser-kheperu-Re Setep-en-Re, son of Re Horemheb-mery-Amen, commanded that Maya was charged with the renewal of the burial place of King Men-kheperu-Re. This indicates that an entry was necessary for restorations, probably during the troubled times after the Amarna-period and there were cases of tomb robbery in the valley after the Amarna-period. A second intrusion occurred by breaching the reblockings of doorways D-E at an undetermined date and a number of items were removed from to tomb and hidden in KV37. Maybe this event was the start of a all over inspection of the tombs in the Kings valley by Djehutymose and Butehamen and which led to the decision of the removal of all the kings in the valley, stripping them of all the gold and storing the mummies in the tomb of Inhapi DB320 and Amenhetep II cache KV35 in the 22nd dynasty.


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