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Noble Tombs

The Theban tombs of the nobles occupies five different areas: Dra ab Nagah, el Kokha/Assasif, Qurna, Qurnet Murai and Deir el Medina.
Tickets available at the ticket-office go mainly in pairs or groups.
Dra ab Nagah: Roy,Suroy and Amenemipet
el Kokha: Neferrenpet, Nefersekheru and Djehuty
Qurna: Menna, Nakht
Sennefer, Rekhmire
Userhat, Khaemhat
Userhat, Chonsu and Benia
Assasif: Kheriuf and Pabasa
Qurnet Murai: Amenemhab, Amenemonet and Amenhetep/Huy
Deir el Medina: Pashedu, Amennakht, Nebenmaat and Khaemteri
Senedjem, Inherkau and Nakhtamen

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