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Kheriuf TT92

Kheriuf, also called Sena’a, held the title “Steward of the Great Royal wife” and “Porter of the Royal seal”, among about 10 other titles, during the reign of Amenhetep III and IV, so he was the steward of the great queen Teye. He was the son of Siked, “Scribe of the army of the Sovereign of the Two lands” and Ruiu, “Royal ornament, chantress of Isis, the God’s mother” and “chantress of Amen” while a woman named Henutnefert, seems to be his wife or consort. No children are mentioned or known. His birth name was Sesh, who is called Kheriuf.
At the entrance there are depictions of both Amenhetep III and IV, accompanied by Teye.
Inside the tomb there are acts of defacing and erasing of the figure of Kheriuf, so probably the man fell in disgrace. He served very likely Amenhetep III till the very end, since records in the tomb point out the regnal year 37 of Amenhetep III, so maybe he fell in disgrace at the death of Ankh-en-Aten. The figures of Amenhetep III and Teye as well Amenhetep IV remain intact.
The name of Amen was also removed, and never restored after the death of Ankh-en-Aten.
The site was abandoned, maybe because the owner had died and was not used.
The tomb is located at the Assasif, directly along the road to the temple of Deir el Bahri.

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