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Pashedu TT3

Deir el Medina is supposed to be the the place where we can find the most beautiful tombs of the Luxor area. In Faraonic times here the workers village was situated and the people were scribes and workers working at the tombs of the faraos, because they were the best. Pashedu was Servant in the place of the truth on the west of Thebes (The Valley of the Kings). He was the son of Menna and the lady Huy and he was married to Nedjembehdet. The tomb dates from the Ramesside period.
But then the best they kept for themselves on the work of their own tombs.

Seven tombs are open to the public presently: Senedjem, Pashedu,Amennakht, NebenMaat, Khaemteri, Inherkhau and NakhtAmen

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