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Djehutymes TT295

Djehutymes lived during the reign of Thutmose IV and Amenhetep III, and this means the tomb was already there, only the entrance was on the other side south, so when Nefersekheru started to built his he stumbled on the backside of another tomb.
Then the tomb was lost again and in 1976 rediscovered which gave this tomb its new entrance through a narrow passage from TT296.
Djehutymes, also called Paroy, was “Head of the secrets in the Chest of Anubis”, “Sem-priest in the Place of Embalmment”, so he was embalmer and prospered very well. He was the son of Sennetjer, “Sem-priest in the Place of Embalmment” and the meaning of his name is incense and his mother was Senemiahbet.
He seems to have no less than four wives, but Neferetiry is mentioned the most, Renenutet, Isis and The-pi. But only two children are mentioned, Huy and Henutwedjheb.

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