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Senmut TT353

This is the second tomb of Senmut, “Vizier” of Hatshepsut, probably at the height of his career. He was a commoner from middle class stock. His father was Ramose and his mother Hatnefert, he had a bother Senmen. He started his career probably under the reign of Amenhetep I, and was priest of Amen, Scribe and Officer, befor he became a servant at the court. Under the guidance of the Vizier Ineni, who saw the potential in this student, he was trained in the administrative duties.
At the short reign of Thutmose II, he followed in the footsteps of Ineni, and grew in favor of Hatshepsut and became “Vizier” and personal adviser. Eventually he became the most important man, the second man, only under the farao. Records in his tomb give a clue of his importance: I was one who was given audience in private, my voice was a council for his majesty.
He also became her architect and designed and build her mortuary temple at Deir el Bahri, which stands in fact on his tomb.
He also was appointed as educator of the daughter of Hatshepsut, Neferure, and was depicted on various statues together with the child. She died premature and probably shortly after this he fell in disgrace and disappears from the scene.
He was never buried in TT353.
His sarcophagus however was found, smashed to pieces, which is now in the Metropolitan Museum.

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