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The Dashur cemetery has two pyramids, both belonging to the same farao, namely Snefru, father of Khufu and he was the first farao of the 4th dynasty. The importance of the pyramids here in Dashur is the fact that we can see the development of pyramid building.
Most south we find the Bent-pyramid, being the second attempt of Snefru to build a pyramid, which was a failure and total disaster.
The third one on the north is the Red-pyramid and shows the final result of a perfect piramid, the example for his son Khufu, who used this experience to build his own pyramid at Gisa, the great pyramid, the biggest of them all.
So you may wonder two pyramids and here we have the second and third attempt, where is the first one? For that we need to go to Meydum.
Unfortunately the Bent pyramid is permanently closed, due to the dangerous state it is in, but the red one, you can visit and enter.

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