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Here you’ll find the monuments of Giza:

Chufu - Chufu was the second farao of the 4th dynasty and son of Snefru and Hetepheres, builder of the "great piramid" on the Gisa plateau, starting the vast cemetery as it is now today. Although nothing was found, besides one little…
Idu G7102 and Qar G7101 - Idu was probably the son of Qar, owner of the neighboring tomb G7101. They both built there tombs on the Gisa Eastern cemetery, along the old passage way towards the piramid of Khufu, and date back to the 6th dynasty,…
Meresankh III - At Gisa just next to the subsidiary pyramids (Queens) there is one of the major mastabas, which is open to the public. You just need to buy a special ticket at the office. Meresankh III was a daughter of Hetepheres…

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