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Here you’ll find all the monuments in the Sakkara region:

Inefert - Inefert was Vizier under Unas, the 9th and last farao of the 5th dynasty. Inefert and Ihy were the original owners of the mastaba, which seems to be usurped by Idut, also called Sesheshet probably a daughter of Unas, she
Irukaptah - This beautiful and colored tomb belongs to Irukaptah, a man who held the titles of "the libationer and butcher of the king's meal" and "the libationer and butcher of the palace". It dates back to the end of the 5th
Kagemmi - Kagemmi came into office int the first years of Teti, the first king of the 6th dynasty. He held the titles "Chief of justice" and "Vizier" and was the son in law of the Farao by marriage of the King's
Maya and Merit - The tomb of Maya is one of the very few directly connected to Tut-Ankh-Amen. Maya the owner was "fan bearer on the King's right hand", "Overseer of the treasury" and "Chief of the works in the necropolis". He was the
Mereruka - Mereruka served in the 6th dynasty under farao Teti and held numerous titles, such as Vizier, Governor of the Palace, Overseer of the Royal scribes and Director of all the works of the King. His tomb or Mastaba is one
Meryneith - His tomb next to that of Maya, was discovered by the Dutch team of the RMO and completely restored. He was a son of Khaut, mother unknown and he was a person who knew how to survive. Perhaps born under
Niankhkhnum and Khnumhetep - In 2002 the SCA opened a new tomb for the public and is situated just next to the causeway of Unas. Its owners, two brothers called Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep were high officials both held the title "Overseer of the manicurists
Ptahhetep - In fact this mastaba belongs to Ptahhetep and Akhethetep, his father. Ptahhetep held several titles:"First after the King", "Governor of the great house" and "Chief of the secrets of all commands of the King". Akhethetep held the titles: "Supreme judge
Sakkara - Sakkara is the cemetery of the Old and New Kingdom and the step piramid dominates the site. This vast complex was built for only one man, King Djoser, the 2nd farao of the 3rd dynasty, by the architect Imhetep. North
Serapeum - One of the most intriguing buildings is the serapeum, discovered by Maspero. A collective grave for the sacred Apis bulls, which were buried here for centuries. One sarcophagus weighs over 60 tons.
Ty - His tomb is dated somewhere in the middle of the 5th dynasty, during the reign of Neferirkare and Niuserre, and his title "Overseer of the hairdressers of the Great House" tells he was close to the king. Why he built
Unas - Unas was the 9th farao of the 5th dynasty, and also the last one. Two wives are known, Nebet and Chenut, and at least one son, Unasankh, who predeceased his father. Four daughters are known Hemetre (Hemi), Sescheschet Idut, Chentkaus

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