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Amennakht TT218

The Ministry of Antiquities opened several new tombs in Deir el Medina. The tomb of Amennakht has been closed for many years and looks similar to that of Pashedu. The tombs TT218-220 are one of a father and his two sons Nebenmaat and Khaemteri, sharing a forecourt and three chapels. He was Servant in the Place of the Truth on the west of Thebes (Valley of the Kings). The tomb dates to the Ramesside period. His parents were NebenMaat and the lady Hetepi. His wife was called Iymway
Seven tombs are open to the public presently: Senedjem, Pashedu, Inherkau, Amennakht, Nebenmaat, Khaemteri en NakhtAmen

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