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Khaemteri TT220

The tombs 218-220 are three tombs of a father Amennakht TT218 and his two sons Nebenmaat TT219 and Khaemteri TT220. They all hold the title “Servant in the place of the truth West of Thebes”, meaning they were workers in the Valley of the Kings.
The entrance to all three tombs is via TT218. Downstairs is a small room with separate entrances to each of the chapels. Another interesting thing is the fact that the tomb of Amennakht is polychrome and the other two are monochrome coloured.
The chapel at the right side belongs to Khaemteri and is the one with the most damage.
He was the son of Amennakht and Iymway. He was married to a woman called Nefert(em)sate and there are no records of any children.
The chapel of Amennakht is very much like the tomb of Pashedu TT3.

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