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Shuroy TT13

The latest tombs opened to the visitors are those of Roy and Suroy, located at Dra abdl Nagah, just along the road to the Valley of the Kings. They have been open for a long time, destroyed by touristsm then closed by the government for years and now completely restored, opened in 1997. They are almost side by side and on first side they both are lookalike, but when your are looking carefully you see two different worlds, because the tombs differ in so many ways. Where Roy shows magnificent scenes of agriculure and is decorated with care and almost devotion, the tomb of Suroy lacks all of that and shows hasty and careless work. So on first sight you would think that its almost the same, but in detail it was definitely not the same artist.
He was “Head of the brazier-bearers of Amen”. Although there are cartouches in the tomb, they are blank, so no specific dating is possible, but the general impression is Ramesside.
He was married to a woman called Wernufer. Only a small part of the tomb is finished, the rest is just blank without hieroglyphs or even just setup in red ink.

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