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Hatshepsut KV20

Hatshepsut built two tombs for herself. The first one, outside the Valley of the Kings, dating from her early years as co-regent with her father Thutmose I. The second one inside the Valley KV20, right next to KV19 of Monthuherkhepesef, which of course wasn’t there yet.
The tomb is one of the longest in the valley, 250 meters long and almost 100 meters deep. It is in one big curve, two staircases towards an unfinished burial chamber, which still contains a sarcophagus and lid of her father Thutmose I.
The mummy of Hatshepsut was not among those of the DB320 cache, and for a long time it was considered lost. In 2015 it was accidentally discovered and identified by Z. Hawass in a small cache in front of the entrance of KV19. It was known as the tomb of the nurse of Hatshepsut.
In 1903 H. Carter found a piece of a broken shabti  inside KV20. It was bought by a Dutch art-collector. It is now in the Museum Meermanno Westreenianum in The Hague.
Unfortunately the tomb is closed and because it is in a terrible state it will be closed forever. It is unfinished, has rough walls, no depictions and smells like a hugh bat hole.

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