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Kings Valley

The royal Tombs at the Valley of the Kings:
The first farao, who chose the Valley of the Kings, or as it was called in ancient times Set-Maat-imenty-n-wst, was Thutmose I in the 18th dynasty. Before that the kings still used the old burial place at Dra abd Nagah.
During the 18th and 19th dynasty all faraos had their burial at the valley, except Amenhetep III and Eye, who chose the western valley.
The last farao who was buried in the valley was Ramses XI KV4, which was eventually usurped by Pinodjem I, but never finished it.

There are always about 8 tombs open by a circulation system. It is strictly forbidden to take photos inside the tombs, you have to leave your camera at the entrance of the valley. If you wonder how I got the photos, simple, until 2003 you could buy a permit for the camera.
There are several tombs always open and there are those always closed, Amenhetep II, Horemheb.
Since 2015 you can buy a special permit to visit the famous tomb of Seti I KV17, if you want to pay the fee of LE1000, but I assure you its worth every pound every step.

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