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Here you will find all the tombs, divided to there location: Kings valley, Queens valley, Deir el Medina, Gurna, Qurnet Murai, Dra abdl Nagah, Assasif, el Khokha.

Kings Valley - The royal Tombs at the Valley of the Kings: The first farao, who chose the Valley of the Kings, or as it was called in ancient times Set-Maat-imenty-n-wst, was Thutmose I in the 18th dynasty. Before that the kings still
Noble Tombs - The Tombs of the nobles are found in different locations:
Queens Valley - The Royal tombs at the Valley of the Queens, or as the ancient Egyptians called this place Ta-set-neferu (the place of beauty) are for the queens and princes. The first burial took place at the beginning of the 18th dynasty,
Ramses VII KV1 - He was the son of Ramses VI, and he ascended the thrown at the end of III Peret (accordingly to the Turin cannon), which also indicates his reign lasted approximately 7 years and 5 months. His mother was Nubkhesbed and
Senmut TT71 - TT71 is the first tomb Senmut built, probably at the beginning of his career, only a few yards away from his parents, Ramose and Hatnefert. Also his brother Senmen is in the neighborhood. The tomb is located at the upper

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