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Dra abd Nagah

The Dra abd Nagah region is a region east of the Deir el Bahri temple. Recently the Ministry of Antiquities opened three tombs to the tourists: Roy TT255, Shuroy TT13 and Amenemope TT148.
They are very accessible next to the road, and very small consisting only of one small burial room, so large groups will probably avoid them.

Amenemope TT148 - A third tomb recently opened at Dra abdl Nagah is that of Amenemope, a third prophet of Amen, and dates back to Ramses III, IV and V. The tomb of Amenemope (TT148), is a very large private tombs at Dra
Roy TT255 - In 1999 the SCA opened two tombs at Dra abdl Nagah, among then the tomb of Roy, he was a "Royal scribe" and an intendant of the domains of Horemheb and Amen, and that places him to the end of
Shuroy TT13 - The latest tombs opened to the visitors are those of Roy and Suroy, located at Dra abdl Nagah, just along the road to the Valley of the Kings. They have been open for a long time, destroyed by touristsm then

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