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Tombs at Qurna:

Benia TT343 - The tomb dates back to the 18th dynasty, the reign of Hatshepsut to Amenhetep II. It is a small T-shaped tomb and the owner held the titles "Overseer of the Works" and "Overseer of the Craftsmen of the Lord of
Chonsu TT31 - Chonsu was "First prophet of Men-kheper-Re" during the reign of Ramses II. He was the son of Neferhetep, "First prophet of Amenhetep II" and Tausert "chantress of Monthu". He had two wives: Ruia with whom he had 3 children and
Khaemhat TT57 - Khaemhat, also called Mahu' was "Royal Scribe"and "Overseer of the Royal granaries" during the end of the reign of Amenhetep III, but the tomb also has some decorations from the Amarnastyle. He was married to Tiyi. The tomb lies open
Menna TT69 - His title was "Scribe in the field of the Lord of the two Lands of Upper and Lower Egypt" and he was married to Henuttauy. His small tomb dates back to the time of Thutmose IV. It is a small
Nakht TT52 - The tomb of Nakht, located in Qurna, and the owner was "Astronomer of Amen" and "Scribe", probably during the reign of Thutmose IV. He was married to Tawy, "chantress of Amen" and there is one son specific named Amenemipet, who
Ramose TT55 - One of the well known tombs is that of Ramose, a high ranking official during the reign of Amenhetep III and AnkhnAten. The decorations of the tomb are of very high quality and resemble both the traditional as also the
Rekhmire TT100 - He had the titles "Governor of the town" and "Vizier" and the tomb dates back to Thutmose III and Amenhetep II. He was the son of Neferweben, a wab priest of Amen, and Bet. Probably he earned his high status
Senmut TT71 - TT71 is the first tomb Senmut built, probably at the beginning of his career, only a few yards away from his parents, Ramose and Hatnefert. Also his brother Senmen is in the neighborhood. The tomb is located at the upper
Sennefer TT96 - He started his career under the reign of Thutmose II continuing during Hatshepsut and Thutmose III as "Overseer of the seal". He was married to the lady Taimau.
Userhat TT51 - Userhat, also called Nefer-ha-bef, was an official with the title of "First Prophet of the Royal Ka of Thutmose I" during the reign of Seti I, during the 19th dynasty. Actually he started his career during Horemheb, served under Ramses
Userhat TT56 - The tomb of Userhat TT56 is only a few yards away from Khaemhat TT57. He held the titles of "Royal scribe" and "Child of the nursery" and he was married to Mut-nefert, who was a "Royal concubine". The pair had

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