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Rekhmire TT100

He had the titles “Governor of the town” and “Vizier” and the tomb dates back to Thutmose III and Amenhetep II. He was the son of Neferweben, a wab priest of Amen, and Bet. Probably he earned his high status thru his uncle, who held office in the 5th year of reign of Hatshepsut as mayor of the city.
His large and unusual tomb shows many decorations involving his daily duties as Vizier. Fascinating are the scenes of the tribute paid by the local people of Punt, among them are giraffes, leopards, elephant tusks and large amounts of gold and silver.
Its a terrible dark tomb, with only daylight entering thru the door. The men are trying to be helpful, working with mirrors, but it doesn’t work.
The end of his career was swift, and cause of his political and personal downfall is uncertain.

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