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Amenhetep Huy TT40

Recently the government opened three tombs at Qurnet Murai and one of them is the tomb of Amenhetep, called Huy. He held the titles of “Viceroy of Kush”and “Governor of the South Lands”. This basically means he was Viceroy of Nubia.

His mother was called Wenher, but nothing was known about his father. Another woman mentioned in the tomb is Taemwadjsi, but if she was his wife remains unclear.

Probably he started his career under Amenhetep III and worked his way up, under Tut-Ankh-Amen’s reign, to the “Governor of the South lands”. He had at least two sons, Tjury – Kings convoy – and Paser – Overseer of horses.

The tomb has its typical T-shaped layout. It is one of the few tombs which has been directly connected to Tut-ankh-Amen. The figure of Huy has been covered with grey paint like a “damnatio memorae”, probably because he fell in disgrace asĀ  high ranking official after the Amarna period. Also the name of the representation of King Tut-ankh-Amen was erased.

On the wall are very detailed scenes of Huy attending his duties at the office. Collecting tribute and taxes from the people in Kush, which was an ancient Kingdom in Nubia.

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