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Noble Tombs

The Tombs of the nobles are found in different locations:

Deir el Medina - Deir el Medina, or workers village, was called in ancient Egypt "Set Ma'at" or the Place of truth. Here lived the workers and artisans on the Royal Tombs in the Kings valley (Set Ma'at her imenty Waset or the Place…
El Khokha - Tombs at El Khokha:
Qurna - Tombs at Qurna:
Senmut TT353 - This is the second tomb of Senmut, "Vizier" of Hatshepsut, probably at the height of his career. He was a commoner from middle class stock. His father was Ramose and his mother Hatnefert, he had a bother Senmen. He started…

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