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Noble Tombs

The Tombs of the nobles are found in different locations:

Amenemipet TT41 - Amenemipet, called Ipy, was "Chief steward of Amen in the Southern City" during the reign of Ramses I and Seti I. He was the son of Nefertiu, a judge, and Iny, chantress of the Theban triad, and married to Nedjemet,
Assasif - Tombs at Assasif:
Deir el Medina - Deir el Medina, or workers village, was called in ancient Egypt "Set Ma'at" or the Place of truth. Here lived the workers and artisans on the Royal Tombs in the Kings valley (Set Ma'at her imenty Waset or the Place
Djehuti TT110 - Djehuti was recently discovered and opened to the public. The ARCE team started the clearance in 2012 and worked at the tomb till 2017. The owner Djehuti was "Royal cup-bearer" for Hatshepsut and continued under Thutmose III. He was the
Djehutymes TT295 - Djehutymes lived during the reign of Thutmose IV and Amenhetep III, and this means the tomb was already there, only the entrance was on the other side south, so when Nefersekheru started to built his he stumbled on the backside
Dra abd Nagah - The Dra abd Nagah region is a region east of the Deir el Bahri temple. Recently the Ministry of Antiquities opened three tombs to the tourists: Roy TT255, Shuroy TT13 and Amenemope TT148. They are very accessible next to the
El Khokha - Tombs at El Khokha:
Neferrenpet TT178 - The tomb of Neferrenpet is located at El Kokha. Four tombs close next to each other, of which three can be visited, the fourth is permanently closed, all using the same courtyard. Neferrenpet, also called Kenro, held the title "Chief
Nefersekheru TT296 - Nefersekheru is the second of three tombs in El Kokha (1st Neferrenpet)and in fact the last possibility at this small courtyard, Neferrenpet (Ramses II) used the southern area, Nefermenu (Thutmose III), so he chose the western wall. Bad idea, because
Qurna - Tombs at Qurna:
Qurnet Murai - Tombs at Qurnet Murai:
Roy TT255 - In 1999 the SCA opened two tombs at Dra abdl Nagah, among then the tomb of Roy, he was a "Royal scribe" and an intendant of the domains of Horemheb and Amen, and that places him to the end of
Senmut TT353 - This is the second tomb of Senmut, "Vizier" of Hatshepsut, probably at the height of his career. He was a commoner from middle class stock. His father was Ramose and his mother Hatnefert, he had a bother Senmen. He started
Shuroy TT13 - The latest tombs opened to the visitors are those of Roy and Suroy, located at Dra abdl Nagah, just along the road to the Valley of the Kings. They have been open for a long time, destroyed by touristsm then

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